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Kieren Hutchison Homepage Guestbook
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Kieren Hutchison Homepage Guestbook
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* * * * thushari / India - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:52 Uhr
thushari.sudasinghe at yahoo.com --

Nice to sign in your guest book. I am one of your fan in Sri Lanka.
My little son also. Your role in Swiss F. R. and Wil. Tell are excellent.
Good luck.

* * * * Milena / Russia - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:49 Uhr
milenaskvoz at rambler.ru --
To my favourite ACTOR!
Dear Kieren! Happy BIRTHDAY to you!
I wish you good luck, hapinnes and
always to be in a good mood whatever happend.
My congratulations to you.

* * * * Martin / Russia - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:48 Uhr
martinshpigel at mail.ru --
Happy birthday our BIG STAR! Hope you will find this greetings exactly 9th of October.
this the only way to congratulate you. Zandra can't get through but she send a big congratulations too!
We wish you a perfect future, blue sky without any clouds, strong health for the next 200 years, devoted friends,
which always will be with you, and of course a lot of work. We wait for your new movies, TV Shows. Have a good party!
Martin & Zandra.

* * * * Milena / Russia - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:47 Uhr
milenaskvoz at rambler.ru --
Hey all fans of our best Kieren!
Finally I got the video anonse from new Monarch cove.
My recomendation to everybody. You will enjoy it.
Download it it to your computer. Hope russia will
by it and show. If not... Martin, you will have to get
it from Amerika and to send to us. Wait. Have a good LIFE everyone.

* * * * Martin / USA - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:46 Uhr
martinshpigel at mail.ru --
Hi to everybody! I stil visit my favourite site, but now from USA, where I live now
with my family. Yesterday bought a new DVD Sea of fear. Good story, interesting I like
such movies and I'm dissappointed that it wasn't on in cinema. Kieren was good without
any doubt, I think everybody would agree. Wait for his new TV show on Lifetime.
Thanks, good luck.

* * * * Marine / France - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:44 Uhr
titemama_l56 at hotmail.fr --
I come from France and I am big fan of Kieren ,
I had seen it in one tree hill and there I find
it in wildfire I am too content!
it is an actor whom I love much!
I find that your site is really well I did not
know of it an other and I am filled!
finally great site which you have make!

* * * * Milena / Russia - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:40 Uhr
milenaskvoz at rambler.ru --
Hi! I'm from Russia. From a smal town near Moscow.
We don't have a fan club of Kieren Hutchison in Russia,
it's true I and Martin tried to find it but without any results.
Finally, he found this site quicker than me, unfortunatly, but
didn't forget to tell me about that, so now we have a place.
where we can understand how much we like Kieren.
it's difficult to write in English,cause we don't speak on it
here, but we hope that you wil have a lot of visitors from all
over the world and the language wouldn't be a problem for them.
I wait for "Sea of fear" I know that we would have a possibility
to find it in Russia. I hope it would be interesting and horror.
I liked "No one can hear you" and of course I wait for the next Wildfire.
I hope that everything would be O.K. If anyone likes Kieren more than everything,
even ice-cream, wrtie to me, hope to change pictures,information.

* * * * Zandra / Russia - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:38 Uhr
fotoatlant at list.ru --
Good evening! Yesterday ma friend Martin told me the best news. He found this site about our fovourite actor.
This site is style and very good. I will recomend to visit it to all my friends which like Kieren.
Thanks to everybody who makes it. Very big hallo to all fans and to all guests of this site.
Big Kiss from Moscow.

* * * * Martin / Russia - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:37 Uhr
martinshpigel at mail.ru --
Hello to everybody from Russia!
lots of people here likes series from New Zeland. Of course me too. First of all I'd like to tell
that I'm happy to find this site, about my favourite actor. Hope he will be the world best star.
Secondary my favourite serial is "The Legend..." hope everybody knows. I wish a good luck to Kieren,
to be the best the and the most popular in movie.

* * * * Emma / Netherlands - 3.Oktober 2007 um 11:04 Uhr
bijou at nijvnet.com --
Hi Ute,

As a Dutch Kieren fan I stumbled on your page just a month ago. Since
then I've marked you among my favorites, so I won't miss any of your updates.
Your site is simply brilliant, lots of stuff to see, read and watch.
And here I thought I was the only fan of cutie Kieren.

Keep up the good work,

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