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Kieren Hutchison Homepage Guestbook
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* * * * Elena / Germany - 7.Oktober 2007 um 11:49 Uhr
deguline1 at web.de --
Hallo Ute,
klasse Website ber einen bisher in D unbekannten Schauspieler.
Bin mal gespannt, wann im deutschen TV eine Serie ausgestrahlt wird.
Mach weiter so!
Liebe Gre

* * * * Martin / Russia - 7.Oktober 2007 um 11:48 Uhr
martinshpigel at mail.ru --
I'm very very happy, I' ve been waiting for this for four years
some of my friends much longer and now we can enjoy watching the
BEST tv Show ever been on a TV. Come on people! Even in Russia,
even here without free time, sun and working all day and night
people can be happy.

* * * * Dagmar / Germany - 7.Oktober 2007 um 11:47 Uhr
dagmar at drachenzauber.com --
Hallo Ute,

Kompliment zu dieser mehr als gelungenen Seite.
Schaue seit langem immer mal vorbei und freue mich
ber Updates und Neuigkeiten.
Schade, dass Kieren hierzulande recht unbekannt ist.
Da ist es natrlich prima, dass Du diese offizielle Seite
betreibst und vor allem auch am Leben erhltst.
Mach weiter so!

Liebe Gre,

* * * * Martin / USA - 7.Oktober 2007 um 11:45 Uhr
martinshpigel at mail.ru --
So long time ago I wrote here. I'm glad that everything is still working and Kieren is o.k.
I wish you that. Big hallo to everybody. It's going to be hot in Russia soon. I wait for wildfire
season 2 very much... haven't seen it yet.
Be good!

* * * * Milena / Russia - 7.Oktober 2007 um 11:44 Uhr
milenaskvoz at rambler.ru --
Hallo to everybody!
I wanted to say Happy New year and Marry Christmas long time ago.
Glad that I can do it today. Be good. Health.
Kieren, have a good year fool of work, which you like I hope.
Wish you power and whatever you want %-)
Ute, have a great Year. You make a good website, we like you.
I'm happy, wish you guys the same. Thank you.
I'd like to write some words in Russia.

* * * * Donna / USA - 7.Oktober 2007 um 11:44 Uhr
pickupgal_maas at yahoo.com --
I think you do a great job in all the shows you do.
You seem to be able to play whatever personality they throw at you
and this is awesome. I just wanted you to know that there is another fan
out there, take care.

* * * * Martin / USA - 7.Oktober 2007 um 11:42 Uhr
martinshpigel at mail.ru --
Very interesting TV show/ I didn't expect it/ Bianka forever.
People, look at this character, live full of problems and she
still try to solve them and to live her live & also to punish person
who killed her father. Very good.
And she found her Love also.
I recomend to everybody...

* * * * Martin / USA - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:55 Uhr
martinshpigel at mail.ru --
By the way... Finaly, this Sanday I saw it... It was great.
Wait for the new episodes. Recomend to everybody... It's our story...

* * * * Martin / USA - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:54 Uhr
martinshpigel at mail.ru --
I liked this interviev... What about you, fans?
What is your opinion on this? I didn't understand
about Australia, but everything was right and interesting.
Thanks to Ute for information about that...

* * * * Milena / Russia - 5.Oktober 2007 um 08:53 Uhr
milenaskvoz at rambler.ru --
I just wanted to say that I liked new stile of kieren's klthes in
Monarch cove. In this white suit he looks representative and romantik.
Hope I will like this TV-SHow. Martin is going to record everything in
U.S and show us in christmas. Hope to get WildFire too. I just happy,
and I wish that to everybody...

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